The Eurotrac F20-II is a very manoeuvrable tractor thanks to it’s two wheel drive and power steering. Even in tight spaces it feels at home. The three cylinder diesel engine delivers 20 hp and is frugal on fuel. It has enough power to carry out all jobs on your farm or business.

20 Hp


€ 7450.- Entry-level price excl. VAT


Engine type LL380T
Max. power (Kw/Hp) 14.9/20
Cylinders 3
Bore/Stroke (mm) 85x90
Capacity (cc) 1.360 cm3
Transmission Mechanical
Clutch Single-piece, Dry type, Double action
Drive type 2wd
Gears 4 low/ 4 high
Driving speed min/max (Km/h) 1.61/24.24
Brakesystem Shoebrake
Parking brake Mechanical
Type Hydraulic steering wheel
Transmission Hydraulic
Weight (Kg) 1280
Wheelbase (mm) 1616
Outline size LxWxH (mm) 3210x1475x1860
Ground clearance (mm) 335
Wheel track front min/max (mm) 1100, 1200, 1300
Wheel track rear min/max (mm) 960-1460
Min. steering cycle whitout brake (cm) 290
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic output flow (l/min) 26l/min
Double-acting valve 2
Three points suspension Cat 0/l
Revolutions 540/1000
PTO switch on Mechanical
Type Connection rear
Electric system
Battery (V/Ah) 12/90
Generator (V/Kw) 14/0,35
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity frontloader (Kg) 350
Lifting high frontloader (mm) 245
Rear linkage lift capacity (kg) 530
Front tires 5.0-16
Rear tires 9.5-24
Fuel and oil
Fuel tank (L) 29
Motor oil (L) 5
Gearbox and rear axle (L) 20
Front axle (L) 6
Hydraulic lift (L) 9.5
Steering (L) 0.8
Radiator (L) 10
Rated engine speed (tpm) 2350
Max. Torque (Nm)/tpm 90/(1550~1750)
Fuel Diesel
Rated working condition fuel consumption rate g/Kw/h <244
Cooling form Vloeistof